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We love dreamers who think different and the craziest ideas are welcome here. If you are passionate about wellbeing , mental health and happiness and have a zest for life and creating something new, let’s talk.

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Now Hiring - Client Relationship Consultant

As a Client Relationship Consultant you would be the first person that clients reach out to at The Happy Space. Whether it’s finding the right fit, understanding an organization’s needs or booking an appointment, managing payments or getting acquainted with the booking process – your role is to bring the human touch to the wellbeing experience clients have at The Happy Space even though we have an easy to use – customer centric platform.

Client Relationship ( 60 % )

  1. Whether its an individual who wants to book a coaching/ therapy appointment or an organization exploring wellbeing solutions, as a Client Consultant you’ll be the first person clients connect with at The Happy Space. 
  2. Tech savvy and would be available to respond to phone calls, WhatsApp messages, Email enquiries, Social Media or Website chat tools like Hubspot to ensure smooth communication with the client.
  3. Background in Psychology/ Social Work ( preferably organizational/ counselling ) would be ideal as you would be working with individuals as well as organizations. 
  4. A combination of effective organizational  and people skills come to your naturally – you can listen to people’s needs, recommend the right intervention and also redirect clients to the right consultant or interventions. 
  5. Provide additional resources that can help the client such as consent forms, welcome kit etc. 
  6. As a Consultant you play a pivotal role in being the bridge which connects Consultants, HR Leaders/ CEOS or Founders of companies and employees who maybe exploring wellbeing solutions. 
  7. Drive marketing campaigns that support mental health and encourage people to share their stories and spread The Happy Space’s mission of uplifting wellbeing through creative expressions such as music, art, dance, stories etc. 

Administrative ( 20 % )

  1. Can combine technology and organisational skills to maintain an accurate customer database. Yes spellings and number precision really matter here!
  2. Ensure clients make payments well before the expected service date. In case of delayed payments – alert the consultants and send reminders to clients. 
  3. Respond to emails and phone calls the same day ( except for outside work hours or holidays ) to ensure a flawless client experience. 
  4. Create and share reports for wellbeing interventions to help organisations get an insight into program utilization.  
  5. Gather feedback and reviews from clients to ensure a smooth customer experience and enhanced brand value. 
  6. Any other contributions as assigned by the company that is aligned to your skills and requirements of the client. 
  7. Collaborate with the internal team of Consultants and vendors to ensure smooth running of operations. 

Psycho-education and Consulting ( 20 % )

  1. Conceptualise and create impactful evidence based workshops/ group therapies and learning programs. A command over language ( English ), basic sense of visual design and ability to research independently would be a bonus. 
  2. To ensure that clients have an enriching and meaningful experience during the group therapy, have a brief screening call with each participant to ensure they are the right fit.
  3. Support with creating marketing materials, training content, manuals, reports and assessments for L&D and wellbeing workshops. 

Note – Since this is a client facing role, the Consultant would need to be available to answer enquiry calls on weekends and can instead choose a weekday off. 


  1. Language : Fluent in English and Malayalam ( this is a must – please do not apply if you don’t speak both languages fluently)
  2. Bachelors/ Masters in Psychology/ Social Work/ Behavioural Sciences / Counselling, Organisational Behaviour
  3. Experience – 0-2 years. Students who have just finished their graduation can also apply. 
  4. High level of emotional intelligence to be able to drive a culture of customer centricity. 
  5. Passionate about enhancing wellbeing / happiness through creative expressions such as art, music, dance, storytelling, baking literature etc. You look forward to having a life outside work!
  6. If you are tech savvy and can keep up with the changing trends, that’s a bonus. 
If this sounds like you, shoot an email to