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Career Thoughts...

“…My manager expects a lot more from me. But I don’t think I have the skills to reach there.”

“…I have been in this role for the last 4 years and people younger than me have been promoted twice!” 

“…People ask me where I see myself in a few years. But I am not really sure what my career path would look like.” 

“…As a new manager, I have to juggle so many responsibilities and be answerable for everything my team does. I haven’t mastered the art yet.”

Happy Careers

Millennials and Gen-Zers are often misunderstood as being less committed or as being job hoppers. However, if you look closely you would have to agree that this generation has been a game changer with quick innovation and rapid disruption and change. 

Therefore, the answer lies in equipping them with the right skills, work life integration, paving a promising career path, lot of communication and engagement, along with preparing for innovation and change.  

And so, whether you are looking at fostering a change in culture, or equipping managers with new skills or preparing individuals to transform in the light of a large organizational change, The Happy Space can create custom made solutions for you. 


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Quick Self-Check Corner

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think that you feel stuck and need help in your career. 

  1. Struggling to transition from your old individual contributor to a managerial role?
  2. Have so many ideas but they go unheard in the board room?
  3. Finding it uneasy to manage a difficult team member? 
  4. Want to help develop your team member’s careers by developing effective feedback and coaching skills?
  5. Feeling stuck in a role for too long and want to fast track your career? 
  6. Wondering how to hire and onboard new talent flawlessly?
  7. Want to develop new skills that can accelerate your career? (time management, influencing skills, interviewing skills, leadership etc.) 
  8. Starting off a new job/ role or your own venture and need support?
  9. You are a teenager or a parent of a teenager, contemplating various options for senior school, college or a new job? 

For more questions, you may also want to check the HAPPY WORK LIFE section.