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Fitness Musings


“…Despite meeting so many nutritionists, fitness experts and trainers to get healthy,  I find myself going back to my old unhealthy ways after a few weeks. I need someone who can motivate me to achieve my health goals.”

“…I work in night shifts and I come home to catch up on my sleep. But it’s just a lot of tossing and turning around. I feel tired all day and night.”

“…Always hated the way I look and I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I need help.”

Happy Health

Your body is your home. Are you taking care of it?

Well-being is not just about being physically fit but a state of mind. Therefore, your physical health can play an important role in your emotional well-being and vice-versa. While a nutritionist helps you to plan a diet, a fitness expert or a weight management consultant helps you to get fit, the role of a Wellness Coach is a bit different. 

Wellness Coaches help you to accelerate the way you achieve your health goals by addressing behaviours, thoughts and feelings. If you have been finding it difficult to stop yourself from emotional eating, or been putting away exercise or not getting enough sleep, then a Wellness Coach can help you stay motivated and commit to achieving goals. 


woman putting out healthy fruits for healthy living

Quick Self-Check Corner

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you could do with a Wellness Coach.


  1. After making several attempts to lead a healthy lifestyle, you often lose track after a few weeks and go back to old ways?
  2. Your relationship with food has not been so great and you indulge in emotional eating? 
  3. You fear gaining weight and have aversion towards food which has impacted your body and self-worth?
  4. Though you get to bed on time, you experience disturbed sleep and feel tired after you wake up?
  5. Working extended or night shifts has been messing up with your sleep routine?
  6. With a busy schedule finding time to ensure sufficient sleep, exercise or diet has been a challenge?
  7. Can’t seem to stop yourself from habits that harm you – nail biting, hair pulling etc. ?
  8. You experience chronic pain, frequent health complaints and experience a lack of energy?
  9. Weight has always been a concern and you need some motivation to stay on track with weight loss programs?
  10. Keeping up with a fitness routine after a recent illness or health condition has not been easy. Wondering where to start?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Wellness Coaching can be your answer to transforming your health. To know more about individual coaching click here