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Inner Voices

“…From the moment I wake up till I get to bed, I feel like I’m on a firefighter mode 24/7. I need to ensure everything gets done perfectly but its exhausting.”

“…Painting is my passion. Though I am contemplating to quit my full time job to pursue my passion, the risk is scary.”

“…To feel tired after 8 hours of sleep, to go about my day doing things mindlessly and to feel numb gives me no joy in living.”

“…I just want to transform the way I live my life and savour every moment and be happy.”

Happy Self

Whether it’s learning to walk or talk as an infant to building purposeful careers or retirement, we are constantly racing against time to achieve so many goals. 

Throughout our journey we meet so many people that impact the way we think, feel or act. But the one person who would be with you throughout yourself is none other that ‘yourself’. If life were a movie, then a ‘happy you’ could even change the script or the course of the direction you take. 

”The Happy Space’ offers a multitude of interventions for individuals, family members (including children/ adolescence) through coaching or counselling. If you are an organization, we would be happy to design interventions that best fit your needs. 


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Quick Self-Check Corner

Here are a few questions to reflect on to understand your state of well-being.  

  1. You often question your ability to achieve your goals?
  2. Whether you are at work or home, there is not a minute in your day that is wasted and you work to the point of exhaustion? 
  3. You get out of bed feeling tired, numb and low?
  4. Of late you seem to have lost interest in meeting your friends and attending social events?
  5. Can’t stop thinking about what could go wrong in your day and you are always on the edge?
  6. Near and dear ones often complain about your ability to manage anger?
  7. Everything in life seems static and you need some push to discover and achieve your true potential ?
  8. Can’t stop feeling intimidated when you ‘feel’ that someone has done something better than you?
  9. Want to pursue your passion but wondering how to make time amidst all the noise in your life?
  10. Sometimes it’s hard to control what you want to do – indulging in shopping sprees, jumping into unwanted relationships, harming one’s self etc.?
If you answered yes to any of the questions Counselling and Psychotherapy ( click this link to check out FAQs and fee ) can help you get back on track. If you are a manager, exploring workplace well-being solutions, please check the Organizations page. 

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