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What Is Wellbeing or Happiness Anyway?

Is it having a 9-5 job, doing yoga, listening to music, eating healthy and travelling with a loved one? Or is there more lying underneath that?

  • Your job isn’t exciting anymore and you feel stuck in your career? 
  • Under pressure to meet societal milestones in your life?
  • Need help getting your health back on track? 
  • Things have not been so great with your loved ones lately?
  • Do you often question your potential to achieve your dreams?

How Can Therapy/ Coaching Help?

  • Gain a greater insight into underlying thoughts and feelings that impact your happiness
  • Set structured value based goals and re-wire your thoughts to fulfil your aspirations
  • Be able to take decisions that prioritize your career, life, relationships and health
  • Put in place a clear plan of action to continue the momentum of what you achieved during the coaching phase

The Benefits

Gone are the days when meeting a Psychologist was about spending years in endless number of sessions that cost a lot of time and money.

My goal is to help you get you running on your own. Which means that you wouldn't need to spend endless time and money if we collaborate effectively.

Therapy or coaching is not mindless talking, but sessions are result oriented to help you grow as an individual.

Easy Access

Available for support between sessions on chat/ phone in case of an emergency.


Pick a time from the calendar and consult from the comfort of your room.

Result Focus

*Sessions are packed with self-discovery & hands on activities to aid personal growth.

Person Centric

Theories can't define people. Approach is unique to the person and could be eclectic.

Get Started

Choose the package that works best for you, reserve a day and time that works best for you on the calendar.  

One Individual Counselling / Coaching Session

INR 1450 

One Couples/ Family Counselling Session

INR 2175 

Four Individual Counselling / Coaching Sessions

INR 5800

INR 5000


SAVE 14%  

Six Individual Coaching Sessions

INR 8700

INR 7200

SAVE 17%  

*If the session extends beyond one hour, there would be an additional fee of INR 360 for 15 min, INR 720 for 30 min and INR 1080 for 45 min. First sessions in therapy or discovery sessions in coaching can be longer and range from 90-120 mins. To know more about The Happy Space and your Psychologist/ Coach – click here. 

I've Got Questions

While the focus is largely on Millennials and Gen-Zs, consultations are open to anyone. The Happy Space deals with transforming lives by improving careers, relationships, health, work life, parenting & maternity  and more. Happy to help if you feel that the Coach or Psychologist is a good fit for you.  

I speak in English and I am also comfortable with my mother tongue – Malayalam. Though I understand a bit of Hindi, I cannot speak the language fluently and would not be taking up sessions in Hindi, 

Some of the areas include emotional well being, relationships, parenting, career and work life etc. Please visit ‘The Focus’ page to explore more. Or you can call +91 9711114456 or email at for further information.

Behavioural concerns in young children such as learning challenges, autism etc. are not covered. Will be happy to recommend a good Developmental or a Child Psychologist. Substance abuse ( alcohol, drug, smoking etc) and men’s sexual concerns is also not covered. 

While therapeutic models and structures are a good base, the approach will vary depending on the client’s concern, their receptiveness and style. The idea is to use a combination of approaches which work best and yield results.

The therapist / coach is a Masters in Applied Psychology and uses an integrative approach. This includes  Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( CBT ) , Positive Psychology, Solution Focussed Behavioural Therapy ( SFBT ), Emotionally Focussed Therapy ( EFT ) Psychodynamic, Person Centric models etc. 

Whatever works best for you –  face to face sessions, telephonic or video based sessions via the web. Currently due to COVID 19 restrictions and safety concerns, only tele-health or virtual video consultations are offered.

All Psychologist & Life Coaches are ethically bound by confidentiality. No information will be shared with anyone which includes your family members or friends who may choose to accompany you without your consent. Confidentiality will be broken only in cases where the client expresses tendencies to harm themselves or others. 

Payment needs to be made before the session. In case the session extends beyond the agreed time, the additional amount can be paid at the end of the session. Coaching packages can be availed at discounted rates if you choose to pre-pay for 4-6 sessions in advance. You can discuss this with your Coach to find a package that works best for your needs. 

Payment is accepted in cash, online bank transfers, google pay and paytm. 

Cancellations made before 24 hours of the session will not be charged. Cancellations made with less than 6 hours would need to be paid as 50% of the session. A ‘no-show’ ( without informing ) would be treated as a fully chargeable session. 

Of course. The Happy Space is on linkedin, facebook and instagram. If you like what you see, comment away, like, share and help spread the word. 

Still got questions? Feel free to reach on phone or email.

Request A Call Back

If you have more questions or prefer to talk to your Coach / Psychologist before beginning a session, you are welcome to reach The Happy Space. A quick 15 min FREE consultation can help you make a decision before you walk into your first session. 

To request a call back or get a FREE 15 minute consultation, please leave your contact details here.

To know more about your Psychologist/ Coach – Sruthi Ravindran, click here