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If you are an exisiting client and your employer/ organization has a Workplace Wellbeing Program in place, you can book an appointment here for free.

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Employees who feel stressed or face emotional health concerns, are often ashamed to admit why they had to take a day off from work. The result? A lack of trust, unhealthy work styles, people concerns, attrition, costs, dipping productivity levels and  more. The Happy Space’s Happiness programs go beyond the cheap traditional EAP offerings you may see everywhere. 

1 %

(23 – 38 year olds for the purpose of the study) 

1 %

(18 – 22 year olds for the purpose of the study) 

*left a job due to mental health reasons...

* A study conducted by Mindshare Partners

Happiness At Your Desk

Organizational Diagnosis

Get to the root cause of concerns through intensive interviews, focus group discussions and surveys to build effective solutions.

Workplace Wellbeing Consultation

Book a consultation to explore ways to communicate change, foster a culture of wellbeing, manage performance, teams & leadership etc.

Learning Interventions

Tailor made blended learning journeys to aid personal growth & mental health, build career skills, increase productivity and transform workplaces.

Happiness Campaigns

Promote awareness on mental health, culture, wellbeing, leadership etc. through engaging evidence based activities, campaigns and short talks.

1:1 Coaching / Therapy

Create a safe and confidential space for employees to address their wellbeing and work life concerns with a qualified coach/ therapist.

Assessments Centers

Assess people readiness, career skills, workplace wellbeing & learning needs through competency based behavioural interviews, case studies, roleplays etc. .

happy people at work

More than ever, there is a lot of awareness today around well-being at the workplace. Hence, Millennials expect that their employers create a culture where they can talk freely about emotional well-being.

The Happy Space is a team with a face and our wellbeing offering is curated for you and goes beyond traditional cheap EAP services or employee assistance programs. We are not robots driven by AI. Workplace Wellbeing Coaches at the Happy Space have Psychologists in Kochi, Chennai and Delhi and various parts of India who offer can assure a non-judgmental and confidential space to discuss careers, work life, relationships, health and personal workplace wellbeing.

For further information on areas covered, check ‘The Focus’


Let's Do a Quick Workplace Wellbeing Check ?

  • Do employees have access to a safe space where they can seek help for work related and personal issues that impact their well-being?
  • How often do you see people taking health breaks at work? Eg: stretching at desk, brisk walk outdoors, meditating etc. 
  • Any observations around what people eat or drink when they are stressed at work? Are they healthy? Is it coffee, sugar rich desserts and fried food or do you see salads, fruits and nuts? 
  • Pay attention to the ‘office talk’. What do you hear? Happy experiences or bitter stories?
  • What is your overall retention rate with new joinees? Are they leaving before 6-12 months?
  • Do employees seem to have an awareness about their career trajectories in the company?
  • How are people looking at the end of the day? Relaxed and happy? Worried and stressed? Agitated? 
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Where Do You Want Happiness Delivered?

workplace wellbeing - happy woman

Workplace Wellbeing & Culture

High pressure jobs, boundary-less work life, long exercise-less hours at desk and sinful food isn’t the best wellbeing recipe! Boost wellbeing and transform your organization through mental health campaigns, counselling, coaching, culture change programs & workshops.  

Millennial& Gen-Z Focus

The workforce today is dominated by Millennials & Gen-Zs. They are also the new leaders.  The future of work is changing rapidly and so the question is, are your people ready? From campus to boardroom, to first time manager and leadership excellence.

woman walking through yellow walls- coaching for women at the happy space

Uplifting Women

Building your brand, career, transitioning through maternity, ensuring inclusion, juggling multiple roles at workplaces & homes… A little support could go a long way in uplifting women at workplaces.

people working at the desk

21st Century Skills

Having a fancy degree from a premium institute doesn’t cut it anymore. Genuine interest and concern to work with people along with an ability to think out of the box & drive sustainable results matter.   Lastly, in a VUCA world perseverance, resilience and curiosity can go a long way. 

employee mental health at workplace

Employee Mental Health

When people come to work they bring their whole selves. While organizations can take steps to boost workplace wellbeing, some of the concerns may need to be addressed at deeper level. Such as someone battling anxiety, depression, a relationship breakup, grief, personality disorder and so on which needs to be addressed by a mental health practitioner. 

Hear What People Say...

“.. Whether it is her people skills or professional skills, she is a thorough 10 on 10! Communicates with empathy and ease, is clear on her tasks and role delivery, manages her team with care and churns out work within timelines. She has a unique gift of winning trust from the other party through her conduct and work. Sruthi makes time to give due to minute detailing even amidst handling high pressure timelines and crisis! I wish her the best.”

Deepika Gupta

Ex-Google – Wellbeing Specialist 

“Sruthi is a pleasure to work with! I am a fan of Sruthi’s flair in writing and visual medium, attention to detail and partnership-mindset. Sruthi brought in a high-level of commitment to her role and the organisation. Moreover, I have experienced her as a professional who raises the bar with every project she undertakes. Would love to have another opportunity to work with Sruthi!”

Pooja Khanna

Head of Coaching – Inner Fit

“She won the best employee award among the few chosen employees at HD’s first recognition awards- Do I need to say more? Sruthi is one of the sweetest and kindest person I have ever worked with. Humility and listening skills are her strengths. She is very patient with customers and strives to work her best to give them the right solutions for business. It has been a great pleasure working with Sruthi!”

Maitreyee Sagari

Learning & Development Specialist – Tata Communications

Want To Roll Out Workplace Wellbeing At Your Organization? Let's Get Talking Now!

Stop spending tireless hours researching on cheap EAP services or employee assistance programs, mental health talks, or one off wellbeing, diversity & inclusion initiatives that yield no results.

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