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Women Speak Out

“…As a working woman living in a joint family, it is hard to juggle so many responsibilities. Leaves me exhausted!”

“…Being the only woman in the Leadership team, trying to influence a board room full of men has been a mammoth task.”

“I feel uncomfortable around a male colleague who tries to be extra friendly. I feel like he’s crossing my personal boundary and need help.”

“…The thought of getting back to work after a six month maternity break makes me nervous. Hope it all goes smoothly.”

Happy Women

Women play so many different roles in their lives – a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a professional, a caregiver and then running households and maybe more. With so many roles to juggle, sometimes women prioritize everything except themselves! Whether you are an individual or a manager in an organization, ‘The Happy Space’ can support you in various arenas through 1:1 coaching, counselling, workshops or long term engaging journeys.


The aim is to help women live fuller, more meaningful lives and to start working towards caring for their physical and mental well being. 


happy women

Quick Self-Check Corner

Here are a few questions to reflect on to understand how you are doing in terms of your life, career, health and well-being. 

  1. A new mother feeling overwhelmed by all the changes around you?
  2. Are you a manager wondering how you can sensitize your organization towards managing maternity? 
  3. Wondering how to transition back to work successfully after a break?
  4. Making your voice heard in a board room full of men has not been easy?
  5. Contemplating of bringing up gender challenges at work with your manager but not sure how to communicate it?
  6. You are a woman who wants to start an entrepreneurial journey?
  7. Influencing people at work has not been easy. You want to build you brand, be seen and heard?
  8. Don’t feel happy in your skin and loving yourself has not been easy?
  9. A working mother who has to manage the house, your child and work ? Not to forget some time for self care?
  10. You want to live a more purposeful, meaningful and happier life but don’t know where to get started?
As a millennial working mother I can relate to your story, if you answered yes to any of these questions. Book your free 15 min call or you can explore further details about individual coaching journey. Or if you are a manager exploring how you can support your women workforce, click here.