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A Day In Someone's Work Life...


“…. You know I spend more than 12 hours a day at work and I just keep looking at the clock so I can leave.”

“…I dread having a conversation with my manager. I spend hours working on a project and he ignores my contributions.”

“… They used to have 2 people for this job. Now it’s just me. My list of To-Dos is piling and there’s no way I will ever get this done.”

“…  I get home and continue to get calls and that adds to my frustration. It impacts my relationship with my wife and child.” 

Happy Work Life

We spend a large amount of our time at work. It’s almost a second home to us. So if you don’t feel good, it means its time to take charge of your well being at work just as much as you do at home.

We often talk to people who seem to be in a job that’s perfect – good pay, state of the art working space, flexible work hours and so on. But they still don’t feel happy. They may not have a great relationship with their manager, the culture does not foster recognition or well being, there’s a lack of insight into their future careers, work is demanding beyond their perceived capabilities, and in extreme cases harassment at work.

If you know someone at home or at work who seems distressed, it is important to seek help urgently. Reach out to ‘The Happy Space’ for support. The following are just a handful of programmes.


woman who wants work life coaching

Quick Self-Check Corner

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think that you feel stuck and need help in your work life. 

1. Feeling your energy drip at work and not motivated as before?
2. Getting bogged down by arguments between your manager and colleagues?
3. Your work does not excite you like it used to before?
4. You can’t stop thinking about work even in your sleep?
5. When you are at work you can’t stop thinking about balancing your life at home?
6. There is more work than you can handle on your desk?
7. You feel fragile after losing a job and need to plan your future?
8. There have been changes in your organization which has taken a toll on you mentally?
9. You have not been yourself lately – losing sleep, appetite, not interested in talking to people or being present at work?
10. There has been a case of harassment and abuse at work and you are not sure what needs to be done?


For more questions, please also check HAPPY CAREERS section which explores your needs at the workplace.