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Book Your Spot Now - Why Are You So Quiet?

17 FEB 2024, SAT, 10 AM

Limited spots left…Group Therapy for Social Anxiety, because the world needs to see the amazing you hidden underneath.

Fee :  INR 1500 is now 1300 per head. Limited Seats

Upcoming Online Group Sessions

Wouldn’t we all love it if we had a group that understood our pain, held a space for us and is going on the same path as you? Come join our support groups and find a tribe that uplifts you. 

Why Are You So Quiet? : Group Therapy For Social Anxiety

If you struggle to eat alone at a restaurant, or speak to a cashier, or dread small talk with relatives at a wedding or get sweaty palms during presentations – join us here. Learn techniques and feel supported in a safe space with this 90 min group therapy. Because the world needs to see that amazing person beneath your big feelings. 

INR 1300 per head

Wake Up Happy : Your Morning Community

Get out of bed and come join our early morning virtual get together for a fantastic start to your day. We would combine mindfulness, art, music to explore our inner selves.  The best part? You get to connect and spend  time with a like minded community practicing visualizations and intentional meditation. This 90 minute session will be facilitated on Monday mornings by Psychologists & Expressive Arts Therapists. 


6000 INR for 4 Mondays

Coming Soon .. Courses

Loving My Skin : Group Therapy for Women

Launch A Support Group At Your Workplace

Mindfulness : Slowing Down In A Fast World

More Support Groups Coming Soon

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