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Upcoming Online Group Sessions

Wouldn’t we all love it if we had a group that understood our pain, held a space for us and is going on the same path as you? Come join our support groups and find a tribe that uplifts you. 

Why Are You So Quiet? : Group Therapy For Social Anxiety

If you struggle to eat alone at a restaurant, or speak to a cashier, or dread small talk with relatives at a wedding or get sweaty palms during presentations – join us here. Learn techniques and feel supported in a safe space with this 90-120 min group therapy. Because the world needs to see that amazing person beneath your big feelings. 

1500 per session, INR 9000 INR 8000 INR for 6 group therapy sessions. 10 am to 11:30 am for 6 Saturdays.

Wake Up Happy : Your Morning Community

Get out of bed and come join our early morning virtual get together for a fantastic start to your day. There’s so much we can do from art, dance movements, gentle stretches to spending time with a like minded community practicing visualizations and intentional meditation. This 90 minute session will be facilitated on Monday mornings by Art therapists, Dance movement therapists, Yoga practitioners,  Psychologists and many more. 


6000 INR for 4 Mondays

Coming Soon .. Courses

Loving My Skin : Group Therapy for Women

Launch A Support Group At Your Workplace

Mindfulness : Slowing Down In A Fast World

More Support Groups Coming Soon

Support group or group therapy in India| Kochi by The Happy Space